Born from the sheer love for sarees, brand Swathi Nanda, defines itself in three words, Sustainable, Elegant and Fashionable. At Swathi Nanda,  we believe that the most beautiful creations are the most simplest ones. Those that are clear in thought and concept. Hence, we follow minimalism in our designs.  


Hey There!,

I am Swathi, the founder of SwathiNanda sarees. 


The brand concentrates on using natural hand woven, eco-friendly fabrics to provide a fine experience of simple and easy drapes.

We at Swathi Nanda, devote to bringing about a blend of comfort and glamour to our sarees which are perfect for any casual occasions, office wear or gatherings.

Every day it’s a new creative endeavor. We explore and develop ways to unite handcrafts in our Sarees. We use fabrics that are handwoven by our Indian artisans, which are organically dyed.